The Tree of Compassion

This sculpture is a gift to the Greenville County Library System and will be erected outside the Hughes Main Library on the campus of Heritage Green Place in November 2020. 

The Sculpture and Site Location

The Greenville County Library has contributed to the lives of thousands of Greenvillians over the years, as well as those of many people throughout the entire Upstate region.

Because the Hughes Main Library campus is a symbol of education and understanding in downtown Greenville, it is the perfect location for The Tree of Compassion Public Art Project to be erected.

This 6-foot-bronze sculpture is human-sized, making it the perfect attraction for people of all ages who want to sit or play on the green and reflect on Greenville's legacy of community and humanity.

What the Sculpture Represents

Campaign Chair Gwen Goad

Gwen Rodrigo Goad is an author, painter, and a nationally-recognized volunteer for UNICEF. Most importantly, she served Greenville as a Montessori educator from the 1970s until the early 2000s. Now retired but still active in community projects and fundraising, Goad dedicates her time and efforts to The Tree of Compassion Public Art Project. Seeing the sculpture to fruition is a passion for Goad, who wants to give back to the Upstate in the same way that its citizens welcomed her when she arrived in Greenville in 1972 from Sri Linka to teach at the first Montessori School of Greenville. Beloved by generations of students and their parents, she is a symbol of the diversity and influence of Greenville's international community, which has shaped the city's culture and heart for nearly half a century.

Diversity of Community

Acceptance and Friendship

Peace and Understanding

Kindness and Goodwill

Gratitude, Hope and Compassion

Artist Philip Whitley

Philip Whitley has been involved in the arts community of the state for many years. He taught at the Greenville County Museum and North Greenville College and exhibited his works throughout the state during the 1970s and 1980s. Whitley creates his sculptures by using forging techniques that are centuries old. Wheatley's Tree of Compassion sculpture is a 6-foot bronze form that will grace the landscape in front of the Hughes Main Library on Greenville's Heritage Green Place.

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Butterly Mountain Book

Gwen Goad is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of her children's book, Butterfly Mountain, to The Tree of Compassion Public Art Project. The story, with words and pictures by Goad, follows the life of a butterfly named Mariposa. With her newfound vitality and enthusiasm, Mariposa ventured out to make friends with other wonders of our world. By sunset, a rainbow of color begins to surround her. Purchase a copy of this delightful tale and show your support for The Three of Compassion Project