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Celebrate the Upstate's Legacy of Community and Humanity

The Tree of Compassion sculpture will be a gift to the city of Greenville in honor of the Greenville County Library System.

The above photo is a rendering only.

About The Tree of Compassion Public Art Project

Our upstate community, whenever challenged, has united with compassion in support of local, national, and international emergencies and causes.  


In recognition of this tradition of gracious generosity, it is time to show our gratitude with a symbol.  

The Tree of Compassion by Philip Whitley is a six-foot bronze sculpture and a tribute to Greenville's past, present, and future. This public art project is a gift to the Greenville County Library System and will be erected outside the Hughes Main Library on the campus of Heritage Green Place in November 2020. 

We are delighted to invite you to join the Friends of Compassion and turn Greenville, South Carolina into a Community of Compassion with an investment for all time. The Tree of Compassion project is an intergenerational effort led by Greevillians who care deeply about the overall wellness, outlook, and future of our community.

The Tree of Compassion Corporation was founded and organized under the laws of South Carolina as a nonprofit corporation in 2018. It is exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent, non-salaried Board of Directors. Donations to the Tree of Compassion qualify as tax-deductible.

What the Sculpture Represents

Diversity of Community

Acceptance and Friendship

Peace and Understanding

Kindness and Goodwill

Gratitude, Hope and Compassion


"As the Greenville County Library System has enriched our intellect, may The Tree of Compassion open our hearts to simple acts of respect and caring."

- Gwen Goad, Campaign Chair, The Tree of Compassion Public Art Project

"Art is considered to be the repository of a society's collective memory. This gift of art to Greenville will translate each viewer's experience across space and time."

Llyn and Sydney Strong

"The Tree of Compassion sculpture is a physical embodiment of this community commitment and a reminder of shared compassion."

Rhett Bryson

"The Tree of Compassion springs from the heartfelt desire to create a visible reminder of the crucial role compassion should play in the everyday workings of our entire community."

Jim and Sharon Campbell

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